Tasseomancy #3 - Heavy Sleep

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A new video and a new song for Tasseomancy, this is so good. Like previous album preview "Soft Feet", "Heavy Sleep" combines an eerie, dark chilly atmosphere with gorgeous harmonies and graceful, beautiful guitar play. The video plays out like a ghostly, twisted fairytale, a perfect backdrop for the track and their otherworldly music.

I was gutted I couldn't make their London show yesterday and equally that they appear not to be supporting Austra in London (but are in Cardiff). Fingers crossed that with their album 'Ulalume' due out on 30 August, they'll be another chance to see the girls soon.

Here's the track remixed by Trust / Austra Drummer Maya Postepski, adding an even colder electronic air to the track with manipulated vocals and synth glitches, I'm not quite sure what to make of it after a couple of listen. Listen / download:

Tasseomancy - Heavy Sleep (Maya Postepski Remix) by tasseomancy

If you missed the wonder of "Soft Feet" first time around, catch up now:

Soft Feet by tasseomancy