Witch Gardens - New Music "Introducing"

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Witch Gardens bio states that the group are "four friends who love playing music together and writing songs in the kitchen of the modest home where ½ of the band live".

A distinctly raw and murky haze is a trademark of the groups lo-fi garage pop-rock sound. Reverb heavy, jangly guitars weave around like a spiders web. Sometimes indistinguishable, but saccharine sweet vocal harmonies are delivered with gusto and a muffled but prominent drum beat. It feels bedroom made and the approach is simplistic, sticking to a tried and tested formulae, exuberant energy over a brisk two minute stomp, but it's fun, enjoyable and with tracks such as "Shelly", "Small Darling Boy" and "Fiesta Texas" the girls and boy from Seattle could well be the next buzz band picked up by a Captured Tracks or Mexican Summer.

Their debut release 'Alice Agatha Branch & Christ' came out yesterday via a very limited cassette tape run (just 50) on Wonder Beard, you can get it here. Be quick, I doubt there are many left (at most 49!).

Listen below:
Witch Gardens - Fiesta Texas
Witch Gardens - So Many Parties
Witch Gardens - Shelly