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A great way of discovering plenty of new music is to keep track of Amazing Radio's The Amazing Chart (I'm giving away a house secret here!), that's precisely how I came across Bird, their track 'Phantoms' is currently enjoying its sixth week in their top 40.

Hailing from Liverpool, Bird are a new band fronted by songwriter/vocalist Adele Emmas, with an EP in the works we currently have a handful of tracks on their Soundcloud page to listen to, if you are a fan of atmospheric doom-folk akin to Tasseomancy, Marissa Nadler etc then Bird will be right up your street.

Their best track to date is "Phantoms" an eerie neo-gothic fairytale that's equally evocative and poetic, swirling harmonies combine with a stomping beat, sweeping violin and Adele's ethereal vocal, it's captivating and absolutely delightful.

Sparse instrumentation and the graceful long notes of Adele's vocals on the beautiful "Amelia" add up to more aural bliss and "Hey Hey Moonshine" is delicious too, portraying a hauntingly elegant form of melancholic folk, melodic guitar and subdued percussion carry the song to a finale of brooding strings. Exquisite.

I'll certainly be keeping my eye out for that EP in the near future.

Bird - Phantoms
Hey Hey Moonshine by Birdofficial
Bones by Birdofficial