Founds - New Music "Introducing" /

I've been ridiculously poor at going through my mailbox recently, numerous excuses as to why of course, I've been away at festivals, busy at work and going out enjoying myself a bit too much. That however didn't spoke me discovering Brisbane six piece Founds who've been busy recording their debut EP, and have made a brand new single, the title track 'Holograms' available.

Glistening, chiming guitar soundscapes are prominent throughout, meandering melodies and gorgeous ethereal vocals that are more reminiscent of Scandinavian singers than Australian are a signature of "Holograms". As the song progresses the driving percussion becomes increasingly urgent and the aahing harmonies more luscious as it reaches a wonderful climax.

"Holograms" is available to download from free from Founds' bandcamp now, the EP release date is as yet unannounced, one to keep an eye out for then.

Holograms by Founds