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I decided I wasn't going to review Gazelle Twin's debut 'The Entire City', it has already received some fine reviews from reviewers (The Guardian 5/5, dis 8/10, FT 8/10 and even NME 8/10) far more capable and articulate than myself, instead I'll just do a piece highlighting why you should buy it. I'm crap at reviews anyway.

I first fell for the mysterious charm of Elizabeth Walling after hearing her debut single "Changelings" and a cover of Prince's "I Wonder U" late last year, its eerie atmospherics created a beautiful, mysterious experience.
Hazy synths glide over Elizabeth's ethereal vocals, electronic processing shifts her voice to a ghostly whisper. Magnetic, immersive and stunning.

The follow up "I am Shell I Am Bone" was even better, undulating rhythms and pulsing drum-beat drive the track, equal parts dream and nightmare. Now with her debut full length Gazelle Twin has constructed her own otherworldly universe, to be consumed as one, 'The Entire City'. Dark and weird, stark and disturbing, bold and fascinating. For those with even a passing interest for surrealist, gothic artistry 'The Entire City' is a transfixing experience.

Third single "Men Like Gods" confirms her rite of passage, ominous and edgy. Then there are the harmonies on interlude "Far From Home" and "Bell Tower" and "Obelisk", one of the stand-outs, with a soul shivering chill that I can just picture sound-tracking a monochrome sci-fi film.

It's not difficult to put Gazelle Twin in the same left-field visionary status as Fever Ray and Planningtorock. Add choral harmonies as beautiful as Dirty Projectors' and military percussion as precise as These New Puritans and the unique mind of Gazelle Twin and you've just created one of 2011's essential albums.

I think that non-review turned into a bit of a review, still, the point I'm making is the same - buy the fucking album. Self-funded throughout, it's the least Elizabeth deserves.

An album launch show is being held at London's Electrowerks on Thursday, September 1st (all the details can be found here) ahead of Gazelle Twin's debut European tour in November, the only date announced so far is the first, a home-town show at Brighton's Green Door Store on the 18th (details). They promise to be artistically and visually spectacular and I'm extremely looking forward to them, so much so that I've put off going to End of the Road until Friday morning so I don't miss the London show.

If you've not heard of GT and want to sample, a few tracks can be heard below and you can stream an online version of 'The Entire City' in full over at the Gazelle Twin website. Pre-order a CD version of the album here (LP to follow).

Gazelle Twin - Changelings
Gazelle Twin - I Am Shell I Am Bone
Gazelle Twin - Men Like Gods

Check out the accompanying video for "Men Like Gods too"

Men Like Gods (official video) - Gazelle Twin from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.