Gem Club #2 - Breakers / Facebook

Gem Club have released details of the follow up to their breathtaking self-released EP 'Acid and Everything', 'Breakers' will be the duo's debut full length, out September 27th on Hardly Art.

To preview, we've been treated to a free download of the title track, "Breakers" is a fragile, heartfelt lo-fi ballad that is unquestionably intimate and devastatingly gorgeous, Christopher Barnes' soft, fragile vocals play delicately over melancholy strings and bare piano. Sparse, haunting and blindingly beautiful. Can't wait to hear the full LP.

The track is as wonderful as anything on the Perfume Genius LP, though perhaps less sorrowful and difficult, though equally spellbinding. "Breakers" is definitely one of the years essential tracks.

Listen / download:

Breakers by Gem Club

You can order the debut EP from Bandcamp, since I purchased it an option to buy a pillowcase package has been added, whatever takes your fancy I guess! Here is the title track to fall in love with:

Acid and Everything by Gem Club