Gold Zebra #2 - Love, French, Better / Facebook

Montreal duo Gold Zebra have released their first track since they came to my attention with their debut EP last September, "Love, French, Better" continues where they left with "The End of This" (a track I liked so much I named it as one of my top tracks of 2010), an effortlessly cool tale of bubbling, sexy, slow beats and chiming guitar.

The seductive, midnight disco-noir intensified by the use of French at the start of the track, before Julie switches to English, I used this quote last year but I'll stick with it, it's xx soundtracking Blade Runner. Atmospheric, minimalist synth that is moody and damn-right gorgeous.

The track will be part of a forthcoming VISAGE MUSIQUE compilation available in the autumn, you can download for free now via bandcamp.

You buy a re-issued CD version of the debut EP here, the tape version has since sold out.

Gold Zebra - Love, French, Better.