Holly Miranda #7 - Pelican Rapids

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The best news from Friday came from Holly Miranda, with a post on her website, in which she states "Hey guys I want to share this version of ‘Pelican Rapids’ that I recorded in a poolhouse in Beverly Hills, CA a couple of months ago.... I’ll be making some exciting announcements about my new album next week".

Consider me excited, as well as a free download of "Pelican Rapids", new of a new album?! Amazing news, I was familiar with "Pelican Rapids" through listening to some live recordings of Holly endlessly in the middle of last year and this mix sees it follow a similar form, although slightly more stripped back, from the breathtaking build-up of Holly's beautiful, goose-bump inducing vocals and the choral harmonies to the second half which sees the introduction of a metronomic drum beat, keys and finally an echoey guitar.

Utterly, utterly gorgeous. Album news awaited with bated breath!

Holly Miranda - Pelican Rapids(poolhouse mix) by holly miranda
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