Isobel Anderson - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

I'd not heard of Isobel Anderson until I was at Glastonbury and I didn't even see her there (I'm not sure where I was at the time she played). Another blogger, Robin from Breaking Move Waves did and he passed on the recommendation, I'm glad.

Isobel is a Belfast based singer/songwriter, she released a self titled E.P. in 2008 and her first album 'Cold Water Songs' last year, I've not sourced the EP yet, but I've got my grubby mitts on her album, and it does not disappoint one bit.

Over the course of the album you quickly realise that Isobel exhibits an absolute stunning talent, the focal point is her voice, rich and soulful, beautiful and warm backed by subtle instrumentation of carefully plucked guitar and harp. There is a melancholic atmosphere throughout the album, mainly storytelling songs of love, lost and found, but it's never morose or dull. The songwriting is intimate, introspective and exquisitely beautiful.

Stand outs for me are the devestatingly effective lament "Whitstable Bay", the full-bodied warmth of "Seaside Suicide" which floats along magically. The darker "Morveren's Lullaby" which builds up in urgency to the albums most cacophonic moment and the stunning closing track "Ten of Swords", a cappella, it lays bare instrument and every emotion, simply breathtaking.

'Cold Water Songs' is available for free (or more) from Isobel's bandcamp and also available on very limited CD. A follow up has been sent printers and will hopefully be annouced soon.

There are a whole host of tracks on Isobel's soundcloud, go and listen, you won't regret it. Aside from some support slots on the Belfast scene and that Glastonbury gig it appears Isobel's music hasn't travelled too far yet. Surely that won't be the case for much longer?

Seaside Suicide by isobelanderson
Ten Of Swords by isobelanderson