La La Vasquez - New Music "Introducing"


I've had a couple of random emails recently asking me why I never post anything with male vocals, I replied with a simple message stating that I post whatever I like at any given time. Five years ago this blog would have looked totally different to now and if it is still going, who knows what it will look like five years from now. What that basically means is I've another all female group to blog about...

La La Vasquez are a three piece band from Brighton/London consisting of Freya Watson, Merida Richards and Rachael Finney. I'd heard of the name before but never got around to listening to them until they supported Las Robertas at Brighton's Green Door Store last month, their sound fits in nicely with the diy / lo-fi garage rock which has given rise to some rather splendid bands recently.

They've released two 7"s to date both on trendy US labels, Captured Tracks and M'Lady Records. I've embedded some samples from them below, "Janice, I Hate You", "Buoy" and "Ain't Home" give a fine introduction to the girls music. Trademarked by discordant rhythms, scratchy, stumbling soundscapes and fuzzy guitar jangles. The vocals are fun, mixing punky attitude, shouty choruses with swirling harmonies. Needless to say La La Vasquez are fun, spunky and well worth a listen.

Their is a new release due on Sex is Disgusting soon. The old 7" can be ordered in the UK for just £3.00 each here.

Ain't Home by lalavasquezband
Buoy by lalavasquezband