Lizard Kisses - New Music "Introducing"

Whilst I was searching for a nice video to accompany the Seapony post of a few days back I came across the vimeo site for Future Sweden, it seems we share similar taste in music because I was taken aback by a few of the bands I'd not heard before. Starting with Lizard Kisses, a Brooklyn based acoustic duo (Cory Siegler and Marc Merza) whose lo-fi music is laid-back, calming and utterly, utterly beautiful.

There a couple of EP's worth of tracks to digest, I'll start with "Slow Bones", which seems as  good an introduction as any, a dreamy lullaby that would be perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with whatever (or whoever) takes your fancy. Cory's gorgeously soft vocal evokes a strong sense of calm as it gently soothes your tired bones, backed by Marc's equally delightful whisper and acoustic guitar plucking. Heavenly.

"Waywards" is equally simple and delightful too, a hazy melancholy washes over me but it's blissful all the same, a nostalgic feel throughout like you've stepped inside your Instagram app and are viewing life through some vintage filter. "Day Taker" is off their debut 'Sleeping In' EP, quite aptly titled too, for I'd certainly like to spend a day snuggled down with this as my only accompaniment (aside from some coffee and a good book that is).

You can download their music on a pay what you like basis at bandcamp, physical products seem to be sold out which is a shame for collectors like myself! Another band firmly added to my 'follow' list.

Watch those initial videos below, quite wonderful they are too:

lizard kisses - runoff from Future Sweden on Vimeo.

Lizard Kisses - Waywards from Future Sweden on Vimeo.