Ms Mr - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

Here we have another act shrouded in anonymity which makes the finer details sketchy at best, let's just say that Ms Mr are a new, New York based electro-pop duo who've recently unleashed their debut offering, the quite breathtaking EP 'Ghost City USA'.

Lead track "Bones" has been gathering some fine support too, Marina Diamandis linked to the video from her twitter account stating she 'adored' the track, it's easy to see why, unfortunately there's no visual aid to help recognition in said video, it uses scenes from Labyrinth throughout, so for now at least we are left with simply the music:

"Bones" is every bit as wonderful as the intro I've given it suggests, coming from the same soaring, brooding soundscapes of Alpines 'night-pop' genre with polished, heavy atmospherics. Piano and strings drive "Bones" with dramatic elegance until the ignition of some hard-hitting percussion. The vocals carry the same ethereal and hypnotic strength as Florence and the Machine. It's every bit as striking as anything off 'Lungs'.

"Time of my Life", a Patrick Wolf cover, is wonderful too. Sparked by energetic and passionate beats and vocals (the Florence similarities come back again), it's just as strong and powerful, whereas the third track "Strings" is achingly gorgeous, after telling off Alpines (a little) for a lack of variety, it's great to see Ms Mr come up with such a moving, beautiful ballad on their debut EP.

The fourth track "Ash Tree Lane" is just as good but I'm sure you've got the picture, Mike at The Recommender has done a better introduction that this anyway, so I'll keep this one there but suffice to say this won't be the last we hear of Ms Mr.

You can download the EP for free now via bandcamp, live shows and album in the works. Listen below:

Ms Mr - Bones
Ms Mr - Time of My Life (Cover)