New Look - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

I'd seen the name New Look come up a few times in the past couple of weeks, after working out it wasn't a few bizarre suggestions to visit the naff retail chain namesake I took up the recommendation to listen to the husband and wife duo and it was not decision I regret.

Since then they've been kicking up a bit of a fuss after a couple of London shows this past week, unfortunately I couldn't make either but I've got their debut single, "The Ballad" to fall in love with.

When a song is called "The Ballad" you aren't expecting to hear anything too heavy and that assumption is right, the track is laid-back, gentle and simply delicious. The chilled, ambient beats melt effortlessly with the heavenly vocal of Sarah Ruba. The accompanying videos visuals match the song better than any in memory, an icy, longing darkness. Instead of my usual waffle I could have taken a leaf out of a few more popular blogs and used one word to describe this track - beautiful.

New Look's style of slow, rumbling synths and gorgeous female vocals, midnight pop / disco-noir, whatever you may call the genre is taking a prominent position on this blog (and many others) recently, after a hard week at work this is just the perfect antidote to relax and recuperate.

Could 2012 be the year of New Look? (though I wouldn't be surprised that once the retailers executives discover the band, a lawsuit will follow). "The Ballad" is available on iTunes now, listen below:

New Look - The Ballad