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Need an album to help you remember that it's actually Summer? Look no further than Seapony’s debut, 'Go With Me'.

We've listened to some of the Seattle trio's album previously on their wonderful debut EP and the formula is understandably the same with the album. A simple approach based around catchy lyrics, nonchalant vocals and jangly guitars, it's surely going to have scores of nostalgic folk like myself swooning all summer long.

“Dreaming”, the album’s opening track reminds me of Best Coast’s summer-friendly single “When I’m With You.”. It was of course the track that first brought Seapony to many peoples attention, it's still brilliant now saccharine sweet (and unashamedly so), repetitive (there must be only about six lines of lyrics) and utterly, utterly infectious.

Another returning track "With You" is deserving of it's place on the album too while "Blue Star's" melancholic haze is equally delicious. Though, perhaps my highlight is "Where We Go", Jen Weidl’s vocals are airy and dreamy whilst breezy melodies float beautifully over a wash of drum machine beats and reverb. It's based around the same chord patterns throughout and the sameness could but a few people off, me, well I'm sitting down looking out at grey clouds today and this album is making me forget that:

Here are a few wonderful video's, firstly the official video for "Where We Go":

Here's a live performance of "I Never Would":

Seapony - I never would from Future Sweden on Vimeo.

Seapony - Blue Star by hardlyartrecords
With You by Seapony

'Go With Me' is released August 1st and you can get it here.