Summer Camp #4 - Nobody Knows You + Pledge Music Campaign


Bands can go from one that you like to one that you religiously follow in the space of a weekend, Summer Camp did just that for me at Glastonbury. I purchased their 'Ghost Train' 7" and 'Young EP' on release and would have called myself a fan, however after two wonderful shows in Somerset I changed from a fan to a well and truly besotted fanboy.

I should have posted this earlier as it's really meant to read as a 'Summer Camp have created a pledge music campaign, go and support them quick' but since they've reached their target already (within a week), I'll post this as a go to Pledge Music and support a wonderful band and get your hands a sure to be excellent album. Then perhaps some oddities you hadn't thought you'd want... Some chocolate brownies perhaps, or a handwritten lyrics book, or go to an actual summer camp or just a plain old CD, whatever you want, the good thing is you can pick.

To help motivate you, the band have released a new track to feast your ears on entitled "Nobody Knows You", moving away slightly from the sweet pop hooks of the earlier singles, it's a fuzzy synth track with throbbing pulses and Elizabeth's vocal perhaps the most powerful it's been to date. A darker track for sure but one that's equally compelling. I never mentioned an earlier track made available either so you can also listen to "I Want You" below, similarly synth heavy, washed around a repetitive disco beat and swirling vocal harmonies. The track has become the set closure of their live set and I can safely vouch that it's even better live.

Support Summer Camp's Pledge Music campaign here.

Summer Camp - Nobody Knows You
Summer Camp - Was it worth it
I Want You by Summer Camp