Summer Camp #5 - Better Off Without You


Summer Camp have certainly been busier than your local seaside ice cream vans this summer, hot on the heels of the stalker anthem "I Want You" and the fuzzy synth pulses of "Nobody Knows You" the London based duo release another teaser track, again a song about You, "Better Off Without You" will be their new single released September 12th via their own Apricot Recording label.

"Better Off Without You" brings back the up-tempo, sweet pop hooks that made their 'Young EP' so delightful, a wonderful sing-along hit in the making.

If you haven't already, go and pledge for their album, one of the free updates is a full audio-book of the first Adrian Mole book read by Elizabeth. I remember reading all the Adrian Mole books when I was about 12, brings back some good childhood memories.