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Ume have announced the long awaited (by me at least) follow up to their outstanding 'Sunshower EP', the Austin trio (who seemed to have a new drummer) release their second album 'Phantoms' on August 30 via Modern Outsider Records available to pre-order on CD and sexy pink vinyl here.

We've been treated to a free download of a new track "Captive", which sees Ume perfect their exhilarating blend of heavy-hitting drumming, accelerated grunge riffs and delicious pop hooks. Punchy crescendos blast through shredding guitar as lead singer Lauren Larson's breathy vocal leaves you pulverised by a powerful wall of sound. "Captive" is huge. Here's hoping the album is this relentless.

Their are obvious similarities with The Joy Formidable (musically and otherwise - both bands have a pint-sized blonde bombshell taking care of lead guitar and vocals,whilst their partner / husband adds bass), and with my favourite trio on a one way ticket to stardom, it's not hard to see Ume following suit. I know that I'm in an increasingly large number of people who are itching to see them in Europe.

UME - Captive

Here's one of my favourites from their EP, which is now available to get on limited edition vinyl here. I've got the CD already but when my Paypal account is looking healthy, this might have to be mine. Get their debut album 'Urgent Sea' too.

Ume, “The Conductor”