Chairlift - Amanaemonesia

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A band I feel I probably should have heard of before last week, but I hadn't (there are after all far too many bands in the world to be familiar with even 10%, and in my opinion it's never too late to discover some new / old good music). Chairlift came to my attention through this track, the first single from their forthcoming second album, entitled 'Amanaemonesia' (which I'll let you try and pronounce and decide its meaning).

Thankfully the track is nothing like has hard to like as its tongue twister name, starting with an hypnotic bass-guitar riff that continues throughout, then comes the vocals that are quite literally nuts (in a good way), they might be up and down more times than a lady of the nights' knickers but boy, they are great. Lyrically catchy and with some 80's synth hooks thrown in for good measure. Wonderful fun. I'll certainly be listening to the album when it drops.

'Amanaemonesia' is available to order on 7" b/w "Peculiar Paradise" now - link.

They play a one-off London gig 7th September (can't make, sad face) at Dalston's Shacklewell Arms - details.

Amanaemonesia by Chairlift