Deaf Club - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

I've been accused of going to this club a few times over the years... this Deaf Club however are a new band from Wales / London (reading tells me they are fronted by Polly Mackey of  PM & The Pleasure Principle).

They released their debut EP online a few months back and have quietly been picking up some praise from BBC's Jen Long amongst others, drawing comparisons with Beach House / PJ Harvey and more, though I'm not actually sure if those are completely on the mark myself.

Entitled 'Lull EP', you can download it for free via bandcamp, you should probably do that as it's stunning. Kicking off with "Hana", you are greeted by dramatic, strong and intelligent indie-rock. Expansive soundscapes created through soaring intensity, melodious guitars hooks, precise drums and a rich vocal that purrs and soars in equal measures.

"Postcard" is my favourite, at seven minutes in duration it's an lengthy journey and one well worth taking, the picture of the EP sums up the track perfectly, a hazy, lazy day, with the sun seeping through the clouds. "Postcard" has a forlorn atmosphere yet manages to be so, so beautiful, the heartbreaking vocals are soothing and melancholic. The drums managing to sound perfectly down-beat, yet the guitar shimmers gently in the background. Then there is that guitar outro, epic.

The signs are there that Deaf Club will be band you'll be hearing much more from in the future.

Deaf Club - Hana