Georgia Ruth Williams #2 - Old Blue / Bones


It's exactly a year and one day since I first featured Georgia Ruth Williams, in those twelve months I saw her perform with Lucy Rose where she was pretty magnificent, highlighting a stunning live performance with her exceptional voice and exhibiting a quirky, fun personality too. There hadn't been any news to speak of until yesterday when we were treated to a stream of two tracks from a forthcoming vinyl EP, due Winter this year.

"Bones" showcases Georgia's vocal talents perfectly, an incredibly pretty and beautifully soft voice. Using more traditional instrumentation than on her debut EP, which primarily featured her backed by harp, "Bones'"piano and gentle drum beat is a stunning melancholic tinged folk track.

I remember the other track from her live show and it's available as a free download below, "Old Blue" starts with a slow-burning woozy organ before gentle harp plucks and her vocal take over, completely gorgeous and soothing. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You can get her debut EP from iTunes here. I've also included my favourite song to stream below, "Anna", a beautifully written track played one a beautiful instrument by a beautiful voice, you can guess the result.

Old Blue by georgiaruth
Bones by georgiaruth
Georgia Ruth Williams - Anna

Whilst I'm here, another lovely track from the debut EP, the video is perfectly shot too: