Holly Miranda #8 - Pledge for Album Two

I'm a bit pre-occupied with the goings on in London right now so I've not posted much and will possibly be sporadic for a few days, I find it frankly appalling that a potentially serious incident has been turned into random, mindless acts of premeditated violence against people by people of the same community. There is no ideology behind this, some of these "youths" may feel estranged from the mainstream and lack a career, a future, a community, but the majority responsible for these acts of violence are doing it for simple materialistic greed.

Whilst there will be time for a post-mortem after, now is not it, firstly we need to regain the streets and the confidence of the whole community as a whole and from reading twitter the polarisation of both those left-wing and right-wing I find equally sad and pathetic. Now isn't the time for "This is David Cameron's fault, his cuts are to blame" or "This is what you get after 13 years of new-labour and the mess they left office in". Now is the time to see it end and quickly. No one could have predicted what has happened and those who point the finger never seem to offer an alternative suggestion to end the scenes. Keep safe one and all.

A lighter note, this is not a political blog after all, as I adhered to last week, Holly Miranda nearly has her second album ready, to help launch it she, like so many other artists, have taken to the Pledge Music platform to raise the sufficient funds needed. Those who donate via Pledge Music will receive the album first, updates and more. Head over and see for yourself and support one of the most independent artists in music today, in the world we increasingly find ourselves in, we need the relief that they bring. Looking forward to it and of course the London show, London will not be beaten by the acts of the last few days.

Here's the launch video:

and a few tracks, included the wonderful "Pelican Rapids" that I posted last week:
Holly Miranda - Pelican Rapids(poolhouse mix) by holly miranda
Holly Miranda - "Joints" by holly miranda
Holly Miranda - Goddamn The Sun (Swans Cover) by holly miranda