I Break Horses #4 - Winter Beats Live in Session / Album Release

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I Break Horses released their debut full length 'Hearts' this week via Bella Union, the LP looks stunning (mine has been ordered and is being awaited with baited breath). We've previously been treated to a couple of the magnificent tracks from the album, "Hearts and "Winter Beats", both placing the Stockholm synth duo amongst the fine purveyors of dream-like loveliness, the album gifts us seven more.

I Break Horses have crafted a beautiful album of pulsating beats and glistening soundscapes, frozen electronica shrouded in layers of ghostly guitars and subtle, atmospheric sythns. Maria's vocals barely more than a whisper, celestial, beautiful.

Further stand-outs are the final version of "Wired", the sumptuous wonder of the slow building "I Kill Love, Baby" and "No Way Outro" which closes the album with dramatic effect, fast-paced drumming and Maria's gorgeous sighs. I could have just as easily said "Cancer" and "Empty Bottles", the entire album is simply exquisite.

Maria is yet to perform live, a live show is certainly highly anticipated by me (amongst many others). Today however did see the release of a video that gives the first indication of a 'live performance', a stripped back rendition of 'Winter Beats', it's great. Delicate drums, Maria's ethereal vocals and frozen, echoey beats. Glorious, exquisite and whichever other superlative you can find in the dictionary. Watch:


Do yourself a favour and get hold of the album for yourself here. Listen to "Hearts" below (again, you've probably heard it by now but alas!)... and expect to see IBH back on the blog soon.

I Break Horses - Hearts