iamamiwhoami #2 - Clump

Jonna Lee is back with new track "Clump", the video picks off where "John" ended with Jonna on a bed a loo rolls, yes indeed. It's incredibly well put together (you wouldn't expect anything else from this project either) and is pretty intense, sexually suggestive as Jonna 'bops' suggestively whilst starring directly at the camera. iamamiwhoami is definitely one of the most creative artist producing today. The track is great too, a dirty rhythmic synth dance beat. I'm sure I said this last time I posted about her, but I'd absolutely love a well put together vinyl release of all her tracks thus far.

iamamiwhoami make their live debut next week 12 August at Way Out West festival, I'll certainly be reading the reviews and awaiting the London dates. Soon surely?

iamamiwhoami - Clump