Karin Park - Tiger Dreams


I'd never heard of Karin Park before this track, though according to the pr that came with this release she was a pop star in her native Sweden as far back as 2004. Fast forward seven years and 2011 sees Karin reincarnated as an electro artist, after you've listened to the first track from her forthcoming 'Tiger Dream EP' (due September 19th) it's no surprise to find out she's been working with the same producer as Fever Ray / The Knife.

The lead track, the title track "Tiger Dreams" is a moody synthpop track, with warbled dubstep beats and industrial processing it undeniably sits in the same dark and experimental realm as her producers predecessors'. Karin's vocals stand-out magnificently, a beautiful Scandinavian accent to her unique voice. I'll be checking out the rest of this EP and her long play, set for an early 2012 release with interest.

Karin Park - Tiger Dreams

I did have a little chuckle at one of the youtube comments from the video below, "Sinéad O'Connor with Bjorks voice". It's definitely meant as a compliment: