Let's Buy Happiness #7 - Dirty Lakes


I feel like I've been waiting for this one for a while, a new Let's Buy Happiness release. The follow up to February's excellent 'Fast Fast' single 'Dirty Lakes', the bands third single will be released on 26th September via their own Ghost Arc Records label. Pre-order soon via the links above.

"Dirty Lakes" stuck out in my mind from the last time I saw LBH live (twice at The Great Escape in May) even if I incorrectly thought it was called "Dirty Legs" - damn that indecipherable Geordie twang! I've just listened to it five times in a row and didn't get bored one bit - it's great.

Managing to pack quiet a punch into its two minutes fourty-five seconds duration. It's definitely more urgent than the previous LBH tracks to date. Though retains everything I love about the band, "Dirty Lakes" is another carefree, kaleidoscopic indie-pop beauty with shimmering guitars, Sarah's delicate, angelic vocals and tight percussion. News that the debut album is due in early 2012 is music to my ears.

The band are back on the live circuit soon, dates here but of main interest for me is a headlining date at 93ft East in London on October 13th. Tickets can be purchased here for just £4.

Let's Buy Happiness - Dirty Lakes