Marina and the Diamonds #4 - Fear and Loathing

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This is something I never expected to be doing. I'd pretty much written Marina and the Diamonds off as pop music that was no longer for me, from my initial enthusiasm at the end of 2009 after the fantastic singles "Obsessions" and "I am not a Robot",  Marina, in my opinion, veered down the mainstream path of commercial success and shockingly bad songs with her debut album. To my ears at least, "Shampain" and "Oh, No!" are pretty comparable with the sort of thing that's currently lying number one with that Cher girl off that talent(?) show.

So here I am eating my words because Marina has returned with a new track and I like it (I wouldn't be posting it otherwise - I don't really get much satisfaction slagging things off too much) "Fear and Loathing" shows some real progression, a darker body, a moody, mysterious, brooding beat. There is no doubting Marina has a wonderful voice, maintaining wonderful atmosphere as she floats somewhere between Enya and (sorry) Kate Bush. The video is pretty simple but worth a watch - bye, bye hair.

This is the first of two parts from a new 'Electra Heart' concept of which Marina says; "Electra Heart embodies the lies, illusions and death of an American Dream". I'll leave that with you but you can decide on the music below:

Marina & The Diamonds - Fear And Loathing