The Moor - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

The Moor consists of Los Angeles based duo Erica Daking and Josiah Steinbrick, they release their debut album next week via Dilettante and have made the lead single 'Warm Winter' available for free download.

"Warm Winter" is a lovely introduction too, a floating, dreamy track where ambient soundscapes evoke pure aural bliss via the luscious instrumentation, delicious melodies and rich warming vocals.

There are three further tracks to stream on their labels site above, all exuding a similar easy to listen to style of nostalgic 60's psychedelia / folk. More piano / guitar based melancholia, underpinned by Erica's soothing vocals and subdued instrumentation than say Warpaint's jam based hypnotic, ghostly harmonies but at the same time, easily likeable for fans of their fellow LA residents.

Listen / Download:
Warm Winter by themoor