Niki & The Dove #3 - Last Night / The Fox


I'm way behind on Niki & The Dove, the Swedish duo have been one of the most blogged artists of 2011, seemingly finding solidarity with bloggers with their anthemic blend of 80's pop. It's not hard to understand why, their upbeat blend of light and dark synth-pop is almost impossible not to like.

The title track from their previous EP 'The Fox' displays their formula on its sleeve; epic choruses, strong afro-rhythmic drums and dirty, throbbing synth beats which flutter between 80's UK chart pop (that reminds me of Prince, especially on "Winterheart" off the debut EP - that's high praise from me) and Euro dance with its party floor energy. Vocalist Malin Dahlstrom's voice is powerful and stunning, it transcends and really grabs your attention.

Newest track "Last Night" deviates from the grandiose, flamboyant soundscapes a little, with more sombre and sparse programming, propulsive beats, metallic sounds and random noises. It sounds odd, it probably is, but it works. The production is, as ever, impeccable. Their debut album is as yet unannounced but is due via Sub Pop.

Niki & The Dove return to the UK in October on the rather weirdly blended NME Radar Tour (alongside Wolf Gang and S.C.U.M - who I can't see sharing too many fans) as well as supporting Hurts on a few dates in early November. See Songkick for more.

Last Night by Niki & The Dove
The Fox by Niki & The Dove