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I was out with some friends the other night and a bi-yearly conversation came up, favourite movies. After some deliberation I said that my favourite English language film (my top five are all non-English) is, at this moment in time, Blade Runner. It was pretty weird then a couple of days later to run into Replicas.

Not because the girls look like replicants but the intro to one of their tracks, "Hearts Beat" instantly made me think of Blade Runner. Beautifully dark and ambient soundscapes, perfect for bleak dystopia setting of the 80's sci-fi classic, subtle nuances shining through the purposeful drum rumbles.

Replicas are Ashiya Eastwood and Helena Gee who are now based in London and their first single "In The City" is due for release in September, exuding a moody, brooding synth and drum machine beat it sits perfectly amongst Terminal Twilight / Chromatics with its blend of intimate, after-hours synth-pop. Cool, down-tempo and irresistibly melancholic beats, matched perfectly by screeching guitar flourishes that shimmer as the vocals ooze sumptuous sexuality.

"Open Arms" continues with the woozy, hazy dreamy quality but is lighter, sweeter with graceful melodies and soft vocals over a bubbling synth undercurrent. I'm impressed. Replicas have a few dates lined up for September - all here.

Unfortunately "Hearts Beat" seems to have been removed from Soundcloud since I started this post, so you'll have to take my word for it and listen to these lovelies below:
The City by Replicas
Open Arms by Replicas