Shura - New Music "Introducing" / Facebook

This one is via one of my favourite blogs Flying With Anna, Shura is Aleksandra Denton from London and together with electronic producer Hiatus she's crafted an absolutely stunning track entitled "River". Her sound is self-described as night-folk and I can go with that for its blissful ambiance is undeniably calming and would suit the late hours perfectly.

Aleksandra's voice is soothing, soft and dreamy, matching the laid-back atmospherics of the backing beats and instrumentation perfectly. Listen below:

River [Hiatus + Shura] by shura

Their first single will be "Fortune's Fool" released via Akira Records and the video is below, the track is equally mellow and tranquil but perhaps more melodic, though the best word that can be used to describe the track is simply beautiful.

 Hiatus and Shura: Fortune's Fool by Hiatus

To date they've played a small handful of dates together, the next one booked is the 'Fortune's Fool' single launch on September 24th at Cargo (Full Details).