Steering By Stars - New Music "Introducing" /

Austrailian four piece Steering By Stars were sitting in my draft folder, I'm not sure how I discovered them (I've some 70 drafts 'ready' to be listened / written up) but on listening to their track "Closer" I decided to finish this post there and then. Their sound veers somewhere near to Sigur Rós, stimulating, atmospheric, symphonic, wonderful.

The track that got me "Closer" encompasses their sound, classically inspired post-rock. After crashing drum crescendos start the track progresses into a slow-burning, emotive number. Building momentum with luscious soundscapes, sweeping melodies and minimal vocals, I could keep using adjectives but one thing that is for certain is that it's pretty darn beautiful.

New track "Collision" continues their grandiose piano led balladry backed by curving guitar and countless effects, the enchanting ambiance is what strikes most of all, slightly wispy and sad but all the more uplifting and spectacular.

Listen below:
Steering By Stars - Collision
Steering By Stars - Closer

Steering By Stars - Collision from SteeringByStars on Vimeo.