Tes Elations - New Music "Introducing"


I've quite a few bands from Los Angeles upcoming on the blog (who knows how long it'll take for them to see the light of day, but I've plans to post them), starting with Tes Elations who came to my attention with their latest track "Autumn" and struck a chord thanks to the smoky vocals of lead singer Barrie Rose and the atmospheric soundscapes which match the beautiful imagery used throughout its video.

Soothing, melodic strings, gently plucked guitar and drum beat interweave with sporadic outbursts of urgency throughout the delicious track, but above all it's those dreamy vocals that are making me purr, sensual and utterly gorgeous.

I couldn't find any info on current / future releases after a quick Google search / look on the bands facebook, the band only started in late 2010 so I'll take it that they've yet to release anything officially, for now I'll add them to my 'to watch' pile.

Tes Elations - Autumn by Tes Elations

Here is the video:

Tes Elations - Autumn from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.