Ana Lola Roman #2 - No Architect / Facebook

I seem to be on a cycle of artists returning after around six months off the blog, Ana Lola Roman featured here in March with her wonderful debut single 'Jigsaw / Klutch' (check it out if you haven't already), the follow up ‘No Architect’ will be available November 7th and it's an absolute knock-out.

You can stream an extended version below, it's just great. From its extra-long intro of pounding drum machine beats, looping synthetic effects and driving piano melody you know it's a special track, the toe-tapping pulse instantly danceable, uplifting and infectious.  I love Ana's powerful and strong vocals too. "No Architect" is simply a master-class in experimental synth-pop, not a beat feels out of place.

It's so good that I've just played the track back eight times in a row, easily one of the best electronic / synth-pop tracks I've heard in a long time. In a genre that is becoming pretty over-crowed Ana's creative and instrumentation talents should see her stand out from the crowd with the release of her debut album in early 2012

No Architect (Extended Version) by AnaLolaRoman

Ana Lola Roman - 15 Minute God from Matthew Caron on Vimeo.