Be Forest - New Music "Introducing"


Italian post-punk / cold-wave trio Be Forest could be the perfect soundtrack as the nights start to draw in (even if the weather forecast is for London to experience an Indian summer this week), the three piece create dark and chilly guitar based soundscapes that sound like they were made in the 80's, conjugating atmospheres float between threatening rhythms and luscious melodies.

Their debut album 'Cold' came out in March via We Were Never Being Boring (also available digitally at bandcamp), a listen to the track that introduced me to the band, "Florence" possibly sums up their sound better than any words from me could; thumping dark drums nestle amongst waves of prominent bass and echoey guitar sparkles. The ethereal lead vocals and celestial harmonies contrasting, otherworldy, gorgeous.

Another stand-out is "Dust", a brooding mood maintained with a hint of malice in the drums and bass-line, the vocals, whispered soft and dreamy are beautiful glistening amongst icy guitar howls. "Wild Brain's" catchy riffs have single written through them and closing track "Screaming Prayers" is possibly the most powerful and compelling of all, gone is the shining breeze of the guitars. Here the reverberating whirlpool of guitar noise is dark and threatening.

Nine tracks that leave you more than satisfied and one that promises much for the future of Be Forest. Wrap up warm and listen below:
Be Forest - Florence
Be Forest - Dust