Braids #2 - Peach Wedding

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One of the best albums of the year for me is BRAIDS early 2011 release 'Native Speaker', it's a fascinating record, brimming with floating melodies, electronic loops, hazy guitars and tribal percussion.

Best exemplified on "Lemonade" where intricate structures and the free-flowing vocals of Raphaelle Standell-Preston combine with beautiful backing harmonies. Braids sound has a layered complexity that sounds simply incredible, and even better live, I've seen them twice this year and have left suitably impressed on both occassions.

New track 'Peach Wedding' is off a split 7" due with Purity Ring (due Oct 11th via Fat Possum), it continues with their original soundscapes, atmospheric and echoey instrumentation whirls around creating a completely wonderful and hypnotic listen.

Braids are about to start an extensive three month tour, reaching UK early November - dates.

Braids - Peach Wedding
BRAIDS 'Lemonade'