EMA #3 - Marked Single + Daytrotter


I posted a blog on EMA last week to highlight her exceptional debut album 'Past Life Martyred Saints' and her intense live show (which saw her win over London's Cargo despite a static crowd and the venues persistence to have r&b music bleeding into the room from outside), today I return to Erika to give news of two updates .

First, the release of the exceptional 'Marked' as a single, on limited 7" 21st November with an exclusive b-side "Angelo" featuring rapper Mz’Gorjis. I'm not sure if I'm excited or not by that prospect, I'll wait till I hear it... Watch "Marked" below, the single edit has been tweaked slightly sounded more raw and intimate, highlighting the scornful hiss of Erika's vocals.

Secondly, and perhaps more exciting, today also saw the release of Erika's Daytrotter session, it's simply one of the best sessions I've heard in sometime. Three tracks from the album, "California", "Marked" and "Butterfly Knife" are the perfect choices, sharp, frenetic and fuzzed to fuck - this session is what the word kick-ass was invented for. Just check out "Butterfly Knife" - utterly awesome. There's also a new track entitled "Fuckin' Around", the title probably speaks for itself, a candid, fragile ballad.

The Daytrotter session can be streamed / downloaded in full for free here, a couple of samples can be heard below.
EMA - Fuckin' around (Daytrotter session)
EMA - Butterfly Knife (Daytrotter session)

Die-hard Nirvana fans look away now, here is a spectacular cover of "Endless Nameless":

EMA are back in Europe in November, my advice is simple: Go.