Feathers - New Music "Introducing"


Picking up on new music is often a random one, my main introductions to bands are often recommendations from people I know, bands that I like 'similar artists', support bands at gigs I check out, random listening sessions and sometimes through the odd cold-call email. I came to discover Feathers on the back of a post I did about a month ago on Australian band New War, Feathers are on the same bill as New War for their 12" launch (and Feathers LP launch too) - it's on October 7th - full details for any Brisbane folk who may happen to be lurking here.

That release, their second full-length is entitled 'Hunter's Moon' and is set for release October 7th via Bon Voyage, it will be available on limited edition 12" vinyl release (only 100 copies - less one - so you best act quickly - you can get it right here). I've only heard the two preview tracks (so far) but I'm smitten with their part psychedelic part surf, garage / dream-pop, check out "Early Morning" below for proof, a glorious hazy vocal whilst laid-back guitar grooves and this infectious bass-line repeat in your head. "Darklands", with guitars cloaked in reverb is equally great, built around a simple yet charming structure and lovely harmonies, the 60's inspired pop song's repeated lines of "I really want to take your hand and lead you through this dark, dark land" is both strangely romantic and uplifting.

"Darklands" - Feathers (Hunter's Moon LP)
"Early Morning" - Feathers (Hunter's Moon LP)