Isobel Anderson #2 - Dark Path

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Isobel Anderson has quickly become one of my favourite folk acts, since discovering her debut 'Cold Water Songs' I've found myself completely enchanted with her music, Isobel has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard in recent times, a pretty, soulful warmth that is perfect for late night relaxation, something I'm in need of right now after work has been demanding far more of my time than I'd like it to - and I'm not even going to talk about EOTR!

Her second release 'Dark Path' is set for release on September 14th, (order a limited edition CD or download here as well as 'Cold Water Songs' here), expanding upon the debut's bare-bones approach with the addition of violin strokes, gentle percussion and at times, some heavy guitar strumming, 'Dark Path' still retains the personal nature of her song-craft over the albums eight tracks. A melancholic air dominates throughout, emotionally intimate themes predominitely of love lost and found heard through Isobel's wonderful guitar strokes and vocal elegance.

"My Love" is divine. Isobel's warm voice combine with her fluttering guitar work and violin strokes, it's the definition of serenity, beautiful tender music that is enough to melt your heart. One of my highlights is the divine "Let Me Go" where intricate guitar plucks gently lead a heartfelt tale of a broken relationship and then comes the album closer and probably my favourite, the superb title track. Stark, raw and expressive, it's just beautiful, I'm repeating myself but Isobel's voice is simply breathtaking, it seems so effortless too, I'm sure it's not!

I didn't want to use the LM word here, let's just say fans of contemporary and traditional folk will find their next love with Isobel. 'Dark Path' is beautifully created, production is top-notch and the album is highly, highly recommended.

If you are in her hometown, Belfast, Isobel plays a launch show on the date of the albums release (details), with a London show planned for Proud Camden at the end of September.

Stream two tracks below:
An Hour With You by Isobel Anderson
My Love by Isobel Anderson