The Joy Formidable #13 - Anemone / The Big More / Facebook

I've not posted about my favourite band for a while, I've not really had the need, what with Dave Grohl plugging them at every opportune moment (leading to a November Foo Fighters tour support slot in the US), massive radio exposure and now a track on the forthcoming Twilight movie soundtrack (no comment on the films shall be made here). There is no stopping The Joy Formidable on their rise to commercial as well as critical success. The last bit there is actually quite exciting for the track that will feature on the soundtrack is "Endtapes", a song that The Joy Formidable played live as long ago as 2008 and have been previously thought dead and buried, I'm certainly looking forward to hearing it (though probably not the film).

That wasn't the reason for this posting, the reason was the emergence (finally) of a studio version of one of the hardcore fans favourite TJF tracks, 'Anemone', which is due to be released as part of a new EP entitled 'The Big More' (released digitally October 17th with a limited physical pressing available on tour - UK October tickets / dates here). TJF have given "Anemone" a recording the track deserves, it is simply stunning, Ritzy's soft vocals are simply breathtaking, ethereal and delicate in keeping with the instrumentation which remains beautiful and calm (unlike most of what some fans will be used to the band from 'The Big Roar') until just before the three minute mark it explodes with a maelstrom of crashing crescendos, thumping drums, passionate and noisy - amazing - it should have been on the album, not that there is any question that 'The Big Roar' is my favourite of 2011 anyway (oops, should be saving that snippet for my year end reviews!).

The other stand-out is a cover of a Roy Orbison track "It's Over", I'm biased but TJF have done what so few artists manage in a cover, they've maintained a clear appreciation to the original artist but have made the track their own. Following a similar calm before the storm approach as "Anemone", the live track is so beautifully put together, from the gorgeous, peaceful opening, to its gentle build up and Ritzy's repeated cries of "It's Over" and the emotional charge of the final chorus.

Anemone by thejoyformidable
It's Over by thejoyformidable

If you didn't already know that TJF are the best live band around listen to this below, "Whirring" from the recent sold out Koko gig, they opened with this! Words are not required other than, un-fucking-believable:

Whirring (Live) by thejoyformidable

And as I'm on a roll, here is a jaw-dropping video of that Roy Orbison cover: