La Bête #2 - All Around Me / Wolf


London's La Bête seem to have grown some facial hair (the boys that is) since I did an introducing piece in February, the past six months has seen them play some dates on the London gig circuit and now we've been treated to two new tracks from a forthcoming (as yet unnamed / undated) EP which you can listen to below.

"Wolf" and "All Around Me" see the band continue with their punchy, intense grunge rock. Raw and unrestrained throughout with dirty guitar heavy hooks, pounding bass lines and hammering drum beats. Naomi's sneery vocals emitting just the right combination of passion and swagger, there is a satisfying smattering of filth too, all in all two tracks that command to be played at a high volume probably much to the disgust of your neighbours.

The band are supporting the most excellent Spotlight Kid at their London date on October 21st, it's a shame I'm away or it would have been a must-see. If you are in town, you can take my place - full details.

Wolf by La Bête

All Around Me by La Bête