Little Anchor - New Music "Introducing"

Brooklyn-based four-piece Little Anchor release their second EP 'Yellow Lights' this week, they came to my attention through the delicate "Until Our Eyes Adjust", a track that's gorgeous enough to melt you heart. I was instantly instantly in love the softly-whispered, serene voice of singer Alexa Cabellon which shines throughout the six EP's tracks, her sweet, calm voice is nothing short of beautiful.

"A Sentimental Way" is equally soft and mellow with its dreamy, soothing instrumentations. The languid nature of the track would be perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or summers day at the beach, it's a shame the white clouds that shroud London right now mean the only way I can picture that is with my eyes shut. "Lady Tennessee" kicks more of a punch with foot-stomping drum beat and jagged guitar riffs proving the band have more up their sleeves then gentle pop sensibilities.

"When You're Looking" closes the EP on a high with its uplifting tone and sparkling melodies, though if you were to pick one track for your mix-tape, it's got to be "Until Our Eyes Adjust". The lyrics start "tell me sweet, tell me softly, in your sleep, do you still dream, until our eyes adjust...", now its time for some peaceful daydreaming...

Little Anchor - Until Our Eyes Adjust

You can buy the EP on iTunes or bandcamp now, it will also be available on 12" which I'll link here when I find an outlet. Here's the accompanying video, glad to see the band are safety concious too!