Lucy Rose #2 - Scar / Facebook

Lucy Rose has one of those beautiful voices that hits you every-time you hear it. Soft and delicate with a slight husk, it melts your heart with every note.

She returns with her second single 'Scar, released next Monday, 19th September on iTunes. I probably don't need to tell you this if you are familiar with Lucy, but it's absolutely gorgeous. 'Scar' is a gentle, acoustic track which wears its heart on the sleeve, deftly backed by some calming instrumentation, its intimate and melancholic vulnerability is displayed for all to see, stunning.

Expect to see Lucy on endless 'tips for 2012' lists, she'll deserve all the success that comes her way.

Lucy Rose - Scar by Lucy Rose

Here is a delightful live rendition of the track:

Edit - the official video, equally beautiful: