News Round Up - September 17th

A short round-up (well I've rambled on a bit so it's not so short in fact), I've plenty of plenty of posts to come but I'm struggling to find the time to write them all up. There is simply so much good music about at the minute!

We've been treated to a new version of one of the (many) stand-out's from disco-electronica genius Janine Rostron aka Planningtorock's second album 'W'. "Living It Out" will be released by DFA via two separate 12" releases on 14th November - this invigorating single version features some frenetic strings and convoluting beats to improve an already stunning track. The video sees Janine mystical and menacing, prancing around the streets of Berlin in a hazy, funky stomp - sensational.

A short UK/Germany tour takes place early next Month, including a date at London's Scala, 11th October. Full dates. Must see. If you don't already get the album from Rough Trade and get a free bonus disc. Watch:

Living It Out from planningtorock on Vimeo.

Compare it to the album version here, I'm usually hard to convince to like 'new' / 'improved' / 're-edited' versions but this is one clear case where PTR have improved the track, evolutionary:
Planningtorock - Living It Out

Let's Buy Happiness have released the accompanying video to the (naturally) excellent single 'Dirty Lakes'. Released digitally next Monday, 19th September and on limited physical release in October, (order the mp3 here), make sure you do that. One of their best yet with chiming guitar soundscapes, a joyous melody and Sarah Hall's beautiful vocals instantly melting your heart. I'm not quite tempted to jump into a Dirty Lake yet, but if a band were to make me, it would be Let's Buy Happiness.

I'm looking forward to my next LBH fix, as part of a Spindle introducing night at 93 Feet East, London on October 13th - Tickets. Watch:

Let's Buy Happiness - Dirty Lakes by letsbuyhappiness

Keeping in the North East, my favourite band right now is without doubt Lanterns on the Lake, I'm as excited as a kid in a sweet-shop to say their full-length debut 'Gracious Tide, Take Me Home' is released next week (order it now from Rough Trade with a free and exclusive bonus CD which I'm equally excited to hear), I've previously covered the album preview tracks so search the labels for my thoughts on them, this post however is to tell you two things. Firstly, buy the fucking album, it's superb and these guys deserve it and then secondly, check out this interview / live recording for the wonderful Amazing Radio.

Here is one of the two live recordings from the session, it's an as yet unreleased track too, 'Not Going Back to The Harbour' sees the band at their sensual best, the most expressive, gorgeous melodies you are likely to hear, built around Hazel's soft hushed vocals and beautiful violin it builds up to a cacophonous climax, absolutely breathtaking:

Lanterns on the Lake - Not Going Back to the Harbour from Amazing Radio on Vimeo.

We finally have a London headlining show, November 22nd at The Lexington. Perfect - tickets.
Keep On Trying by Lanterns on the Lake

Finally (and I feel a bit naughty saying Lanterns on the Lake are my favourite band at the minute and then coming onto another of my August / September obsessions, St Vincent) the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist Annie Clark's third album 'Strange Mercy' (an undoubted candidate for album of the year) came out last week in all good record shops (that doesn't include my local HMV who looked at me like a mad man when I asked whether they had it in stock - and you wonder why they are going bust when you see a new blu-ray release at £22.99 hey).

I'm not going to review it because better writers than I'll ever be have done so in their droves already, I'll instead point you to this wonderful live cover of Tom Waits' "Tango Till They're Sore" and simply remind you to support these fantastic artists, it's all well and good downloading music as you go, but if you don't give them any of your money, they in turn aren't going to have any to record any follow up.

and from the album, the irresistible "Cruel":
St. Vincent - Cruel