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I don't think I've mentioned She Keeps Bees for a while (I checked - it was February). It's a difficult thing maintaining this blog sometimes, the continual search for 'new / fresh' music means you forget about some bands who are close to your heart, She Keep Bees are certainly one such band who should have been featured again a lot sooner.

They released their third full length (although 'Minisink Hotel is sometimes ignored) 'Dig On' in July and played quite a few shows / festivals around Europe all summer long. I saw She Keeps Bees twice over the same weekend of August Bank Holiday (my third and fourth time this year) and they re-affirmed themselves as a fantastic live act. Jess and Andy know how to rock, this time around the addition of an additional guitarist adds intense sections of frenetic guitar with Jess's stunning vocals ranging from introspective, soft whisper to howling, fierce powerhouse. Andy holding the whole thing together behind the drum kit. Their last London show was probably their best yet, summed up by new track "All or None/Dark Horse" which reduced The Lexington to silence with its jaw-dropping strength and intensity.

The album only slightly deviates from the formula of 'Nests', 'Dig On' does take a more slow-burning approach to their beautifully stark and melancholic sound. Opener "Saturn Returns" highlights this well, sparse and intimate, the dirty, bluesy sound hits you right in the gut with its raw emotion. "Farmer" and "Found You Out" highlight a heavier, loud and abrasive sound, Andy's pummelling beat, Jess's aggressive chunky guitar and wailing vocals stop you in your tracks with their power and don't let you go.

"Vulture" is a definite stand-out, the guitar is laid down thick and moody, the drum beat is tribal and rhythmic, fast paced, it'll blow your socks off. Tempo changes are part and parcel of the SKB sound, never bettered than on the aforementioned highlight "All or None/Dark Horse". Starting stripped back, just Jess's brooding whispers purring then slowly and gently it builds up to an emotional climax of angry guitar blasts and crashing drum crescendos.

Get the album from Jess and Andy direct here. There may well be an autumn UK tour as they've a date booked in Liverpool 25th October,  I assume more are to follow.

Saturn Return by She Keeps Bees
She Keeps Bees - Gimme