SoKo - New Music "Introducing"

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French singer/songwriter SoKo (aka Stéphanie Sokolinski) released her debut EP back in 2007 (which on investigation appears to be quite dissimilar to the recent material featured below, wisely losing some of the elongated accent and witty lyrics, in favour of a poignant, reflective song-writing full of broken-hearted tales of love and loss that showcases her incredible talent).

Soko quit music after that EP but recently announced her return and her debut album, 'I Thought I Was An Alien' which is due for release 6th February 2011. Below you can find a hat-trick of the most serene and delicate videos which will definitely be enough to make you fall in love with this Parisian singer/songwriter.

Firstly "I've Been Alone Too Long" backed by just a gently strummed acoustic touches you with it's deeply intimate lyrics, Soko's vocals soft and breathtakingly beautiful. Equally introspective is the sepia-tinged "No More Home, No More Love" and possibly my favourite is "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" where her aching vocal delivery is half tortured soul, half angelic grace. Stunning.

I was prompted to get this post out by the wonderful news that Soko plays London's Borderline next Tuesday, 20th September - tickets. See you there.

Listen / Watch below:

SoKo - No More Home, No More Love