The Sunday Reeds - New Music "Introducing"


The Sunday Reeds are a noise-pop duo from Melbourne formed by Romana Ashton (Vocals) and Drew Jones (Guitar/Noise), they've so far released an album and a more recently an EP on the excellent Leeds based label Squirrel Records (home to some great bands including The Blanche Hudson Weekend and Insect Guide).

The EP, 'Dark Rainbow' is perfect introduction to their dark discordant fuzzed-up pop/rock, the five tracks come in at just fourteen minutes, there is no messing about here. Kicking off with the excellent "Shiver Up My Vein" with its driving bass-line, machine gun drumming and guitars soaked in feedback. The Sunday Reeds conjure up an enthralling cocktail of raw, hook-laden energy and restrained vocals.

Next is possibly my highlight, the dirty guitar riffs of "Kiss Me, Kill Me" are repetitive, reverb drenched and make you want to turn up the track loud and start a mosh-pit in your living room. Romana's vocals velvet smooth, alluring and seductive. "Over" combines buzz saw guitars with a powerful heavy-hitting drum beat for another moody pop monster.

Closing track "Stem-Filled Vase" comes with another killer bass-line, reverberating slabs of noise and a catchy melody, the formula isn't broke and there's no need to change it on this EP, short, intense and most definietly fucking brilliant.

Sure to appeal to anyone who likes fuzz/noise-pop / shoegaze, you know the bands who defined the genre without me needlessly listing/comparing them here. According to their Facebook, The Sunday Reeds have plans to return to the UK in 2012, that would be nice.

You can order the EP on CD for just £4.00 inc delivery (and the debut full-length for a crazy price of £3.00) here.

Listen / Watch below:
The Sunday Reeds - Shiver Up My Vein
The Sunday Reeds - Kiss Me, Kill Me