Trailer Trash Tracys #3 - Engelhardt’s Arizona


Hot on the heels of one new track from Trailer Trash Tracys (and their first since 2009), we've been treated to another. 'Engelhardt’s Arizona', will feature on a double-a side 7" with a new version of "You Wish You Were Read" due October 31st via Domino.

"Engelhardt’s Arizona" highlights their psychedelic shoegazing tendencies beautifully, based around a shredding guitar melody that swirls around like some post-drug trip, ample electronic samples and Suzanne Aztoria's light, gorgeous vocals combine with delicious effect.

"You Wish You Were Read" is a more languid  affair and is just wonderful. Slightly fuzzed guitars and bubbling percussion provide the backdrop for dreamy vocals, Trailer Trash Tracys have certainly returned with a bang. They play a Domino night alongside Real Estate and Twin Sister at London's Garage on October 25th, expect more dates to come.

Listen to both sides below:

AA - Trailer Trash Tracys - Engelhardt's Arizona
A - Trailer Trash Tracys - You Wish You Were Red