Unison - New Music "Introducing"


French duo Unison released their first full-length a few weeks ago (via Lentonia - which you can order on vinyl / CD here), I came to investigate them after hearing "Brothers & Sisters", a track which perfectly introduces their heavy, 80's industrial influenced soundscapes. Waves of pulsating beats, electronic glitches and samples create a brooding atmosphere with vocalists Melanie Moran soft, ghostly vocal whispers looping bewitchingly amongst the darkness and noise.

"Outside" maintains the violent premise, similarly drenched in menacing, mechanised beats and thick electro throbs, yet the haunting, dream-like vocals are nothing short of beautiful. Of the five or so sample tracks I've heard my favourite is "Darkness", as the title might give away, it's not wedding day music. Otherworldly layered sounds which find the perfect contrast between light and dark, heavy slabs of uncompromising, relentless death-trance which is equally capable of melting your heart with this siren-like voice, a compelling listen.

The vinyl is limited to 300 copies, one will shortly be on the way to the UK.

Unison - Brothers & Sisters by fanaticpro
Unison - Darkness by Lentonia
Unison - Outside by Lentonia