Battlekat #2 - Debut EP Release

It's been a while since I brought an update on Just a Number 052711, since, the cryptic name which they originally went by turned out to be the date when they officially announced themselves as Battlekat and confirmed rumours that they were from Scandinavia (it wasn't too hard to predict they weren't from Isle of Man - though the rumours of Karin Dreijer Andersson's involvement appear unfounded). Denmark, Copenhagen to be precise.

They are about to release their first EP, '0527201110242011', unsurprisingly given its title on October 24th via Good Tape Records. You can listen to two of the tracks below, both are incredible, "All The Useless Things" continues along a similar vein to the earlier tracks we've heard, combining radio-friendly electronica and experimental mysticism, its relentless, thumping beat might just be the best thing I've heard from them so far. Mother Nature" is edgier and atmospheric, a sonic assault of throbbing synth glitches, tropical beats and Matilde's eerie, filtered yowls. If you were sitting on the fence waiting for more tracks to judge them on then prepare to be blown away.

Battlekat play their first UK shows next week, they are:

23/10 SWN Festival, Wales
25/10 White Heat @ Madame Jo Jo, London -
27/10 JaJaJa @ Lexington, London -
29/10 The Nest, London

MOTHER NATURE by Battlekat

Watch a live version of "Mother Nature" below, think it sounds even better. I'm pretty excited about the White Heat gig and it will also be my first time seeing Carousels who'll definitely be on my short-list for acts to watch in 2012.