Blouse #3 - An Interview With

We might be heading towards the run-in as far as 2011 releases go and soon, no doubt, we'll be faced with the usual annual barrage of 'best of lists' (this blog will be no different), but the year, which I think has been a fabulous one for new music, still holds a few aces up its sleeves, one of them is the self-titled debut LP by Portland's Blouse which is released November 1st (US) / 7th (UK).

I've been following Blouse since they put the hypnotic "Into Black" on their bandcamp page about a year ago now, it's still as seductive and beautiful as when I first heard it. We've also previously heard the intoxicating "Firestarter" and the woozy, retro feel of "Videotapes",  the latest preview is "Time Travel" which is more new wave than the dream-pop tag that the trio have been labelled with, shadowy synth blares, a hypnotic percussive pulse and deep bass-lines combine with the slightly detached feeling of Charlie's soft, alluring vocals. Immerse yourself in its beauty, you won't regret it.

Patrick was kind enough to answer some questions for me which you can read below:

What inspired you to start making music?

Patrick - Charlie had just moved to town from Los Angeles and I wasn’t playing with anyone. We gave each other our music in graphic design school. So I guess we inspired each other to start making music.

Of your own songs, which are you proudest of and what track is the most fun to play live? 

Patrick - I’m proud of all of them, but the most fun song to play live is always changing. I’d say right now my favorite is probably Time Travel.

Which artists do you feel have influenced your work and continue to do so? 

Patrick - When we started the band we found a mutual appreciation for bands like The Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500, Suicide, and My Bloody Valentine. I think we are all influenced by different styles of music. We still have an appreciation for 80’s new wave, shoegazy, dreamy-pop.. We are definitely not stuck in a genre and will continue to make different styles of music as we continue on.

Which song do you wish you had written? 

Patrick - Because “Careless Whisper” by Wham! is playing at the bar I’m at right now. I’m gonna say that song. Or I at least wish I had written that sax part.

What's the best gig you've attended in recent memory? Or a band that you’ve played with who impressed you? 

 Patrick - We played in New York with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. They are totally ridiculous live. Amazing to see what a three piece with no backing tracks or frills can do. I totally got into the new Twin Sister album after we played with them.. but they were pretty compelling live.

If you were to curate an ATP event, who would you want to invite along? 

Patrick - I think Captured Tracks deserves an ATP event. So I’d invite all Captured Tracks bands. Ha, ha... sounds like I’m sucking up to the label.. But there is some great diversity between bands at Captured. Mike and Katie have some amazing taste.

Recommend an artist that isn’t getting the attention they deserve. 

Patrick - I feel like these days there are so many bands out there it’s all about what people are willing to put into it. If a band isn’t getting attention by putting up their mp3’s then they should go shoot a music video themselves and edit it to their music. They should record better versions of their laptop projects. Or they should record a laptop version of their studio track. It’s all about content. If a band doesn’t feel like their getting the attention they deserve they should create more.


Many thanks to Patrick and Blouse for taking the time to answer my questions. You can pre-order the album here (US) or here (UK). I'm certainly not going to disagree with his comments re Captured Tracks, definitely one of the best labels out there. Typically after an interview I do a small playlist of artists and tracks mentioned and this one is no different, with a distinct CT theme. Enjoy: